Monday, May 11, 2015

Volunteer Alaina Leary Reflects: How HFL Helped Shape Her Career Pursuit

Alaina Leary, friend and former copywriter of Hope for Limpopo, Inc., will soon graduate from Westfield State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and concentrations in both Writing and Communications.

Alaina was first involved with Hope for Limpopo in the fall semester of 2014 when her Career Preparation for Writers course provided her the opportunity to write for a company of her choosing. According to Alaina, she couldn't have picked a better organization.

During her time volunteering for HFL, Alaina gained valuable experience crafting blog posts that were featured on Hope for Limpopo’s official blog page. She worked closely with Nancy, Jo Ann, and fellow volunteers, learning how to articulate the specific needs of Hope for Limpopo and the organizations we support.

While Alaina’s resume boasts a wide array of internship and volunteer experiences, she says it was her work with nonprofit organizations that impacted her the most. She loves writing and editing and especially loves when her writing involves conveying genuine emotion and passion to create what she described as “a call to action.” She expressed appreciation for her experiences copywriting for non-profits, as it taught her about the various positions these organizations have for skilled writers. Alaina professed that her volunteer work has instilled in her an honest passion for working with nonprofits, which she intends to pursue if not as a career, then through volunteer work pro-bono.

Alaina explained in a recent interview that not only did her position as a copywriter for HFL boost her resume, but she also made valuable connections with people that remain near and dear to her heart. HFL is so thankful that Alaina chose to use her sharp mind and sensational talent for wordsmithing in service of our cause.

Alaina was recently accepted to Emerson College’s Master’s program for Publishing in the fall of 2015, and plans to move to the Boston area upon her graduation from Westfield State University in pursuit of this exciting opportunity.

Even so, Alaina plans to stay very much in touch with us here at Hope for Limpopo. She has become a part of our tight knit family and we wait with excitement and pride for news of this talented young ladies’ future accomplishments.

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